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LIDC HK welcomes professionals in Hong Kong who are interested in our networking opportunities as well as the comprehensive body of resources and knowledge to navigate the complex landscape of competition and intellectual property laws. All our events are free or discounted for members. 


To register your interest in joining, please fill in the Application Form:

Click here to read the Constitution of The International League of Competition Law, Hong Kong Chapter


If you have any questions, please email or telephone our Administrator.


Administrator: Yoko Leung

Tel: +852 2526 3071


Membership Terms and Conditions

1. General conditions of Membership
LIDC HK members agree to be bound by the Constitution. Members acknowledge that complying with the Constitution is a condition of membership that if breached can have consequences for continued membership or readmission.

2. Fee

The basic annual subscription fee for members is HK$800, payable in January each year. This fee has been waived for 2020.

3. Term of Membership     
Memberships of the LIDC HK are based on the calendar year. Your first year's subscription covers the period up to 31 December of the subscription year in which you join LIDC HK.

For applications submitted after 1 September in any year, the subscription will be deemed to cover the remainder of that subscription year and the entire following subscription year, i.e. up until 31 December of the following year.

4. Refunds
All member subscription payments are non-refundable.  

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